Greetings, I am a musician, teacher, performer, and songwriter. I am known as an eclectic performer and multi-instrumentalist deriving my musical style from classical technique, traditional New Orleans folk jazz, sailing on schooners, and years of travel through folk music circles as an itinerant agricultural and labor worker.


From disciplined beginnings to an unexpected voyage

I am the daughter of a nurse and a Marine Corps pilot and grew up along the southeastern coast of the USA with an identical twin sister and two older identical twin brothers. I took up the clarinet at age 10 and during my grade school years studied classical technique daily. Adrift for some years and working day labor jobs in Florida, at age 22 I gave up all of my material possessions— except a clarinet, djembe drum, and tent— got on a bicycle and pedaled to Key West.

For some months in the year 2000 I lived in a boat yard and played clarinet on the streets after midnight. There, I met an artist and sailor who became a life-changing mentor. I always called him “my Captain”. He taught me to sail, cook, sing, and play guitar and banjo aboard his hand-made gaff-rigged schooner. After four years of sailing and musical apprenticeship from the Caribbean Sea along the entire eastern seaboard, I joined a long-standing fiddle band as the bass player. For four years I toured the Virgin Islands and the northeast performing on bass, clarinet, sax, and vocals. During those eight years of sailing and touring with the fiddle band I also worked on vineyards, orchards, and construction sites.

It was time to go back to school. At age thirty, I moved to Florida and earned a Bachelor’s of Music in Music Therapy. I am currently a board-certified music therapist (MT-BC) and music teacher in Colorado. Returning to the Virgin Islands every winter since 2001, I perform jazz and folk music with a handful of talented musicians in the Caribbean and Colorado.