Chan’s love of music and the joy that music brings to her life is contagious. My 4 and 6 year olds are so engaged, they don’t even realize that they are retaining technique and improving with each lesson. She listens to her students’ interests and thoughtfully creates such exciting activities and exercises. Then, when we have lessons, she adapts the material to meet our kids wherever they are that day. Chan is truly an exceptional music teacher and I highly recommend her for all learning abilities, music styles, and ages.
— Jenny, Boulder Mom
I am very excited that someone like Channing has become a music therapist and teacher. As a member of our improvisational group, ARTISM, Channing approached children with genuine curiosity and respect, and joyfully supported their initiatives, discretely offering constructive suggestions without inappropriately imposing her point of view. She clearly enjoys being surprised by the kids’ reactions and eagerly adapts to changing conditions. With such an attitude and her degree of maturity, Channing is attuned to the needs of each student and able to creatively fine-tune her intervention accordingly, making it engaging and efficient. I would have loved meeting Channing twelve years ago and I envy the families of her future students.
— Sophie Wacongne-Speer, previous Educational Director at Magnolia School, Tallahassee, FL